Year 5 News

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This term in Science Year 5 have been learning all about forces! Have you ever wondered why you move slower through water than walking on the ground? We have learnt that this is because of water resistance – it is a type of friction that slows things down that are moving through water. Quiz your child about the different forces we have explored. More recently, we undertook a friction investigation, investigating which surface allowed a toy car to travel furthest down a ramp and along the floor: smooth wood, rough carpet or fluffy fabric. We discussed the different variables in our investigation and how we could ensure it was fair test. We found it travelled furthest when going down the smooth ramp – ask your child why!

Safer Internet day fell on Tuesday (6/2/24) this week. This is a day that raises awareness for children about the need to, and how to, stay safe online. This is a topic we touch on many times in Year 5 to ensure our children know how to keep themselves safe. Year 5 looked at different influences we have online and whether these are positive or negative, such as an influencer raising awareness for charities online vs. youtubers sharing potentially dangerous challenges online. The children moved to different sides of the room to indicate whether they thought they were positive or negative, and shared their reasons for feeling this way.