Baby Room

Welcome to a day in the life of the Baby Team (0-2 years)

At Brookside we recognise how important this early stage of development is for our youngest children. Our Baby Team are committed to working closely with you and your child in order to make the transition from home into nursery as smooth as possible.

Your child will be allocated a key person. They will work in partnership with you and your family enabling you to leave them with us with confidence.

We know how important your child’s routine is so we want to support what you do at home, your key person will talk through your child’s routine to ensure that we are able to incorporate this within our nursery environment, we aim to create an environment where your child can feel relaxed. We recognise that nursery can be a different environment at first so we will keep you informed, adapting routines as required.

Our caring staff provide a safe and loving environment, enriched with communication and language as well as physical, personal, social and emotional stepping stones.

It cannot be underestimated how quickly your child grows at this age. With their development comes the need to move and explore, making life an adventure playground. Your child`s rapid physical growth is accompanied by an intense sensitivity to language. Long before your child has spoken their first words, he or she has developed a love for hearing people talking, with a special excitement when that discussion is about them and their discoveries.

This is a general guide to our daily routine, it is however dependent on each individual child’s needs and therefore we can be flexible.

7.30am Welcome – we are open and it`s time for breakfast in the Baby Room.

7.30-9am After breakfast for the babies arriving there is time to explore baby room provision with our friends and our adults.

9am New arrivals.

9.10am “Hello” time with our key workers. A time to see who is here today and sing some of our favourite songs and rhymes.

9.20am Focused time with our adults exploring our themes for the week. Including story sacks, sensory play and creativity at its best.

10-10.20am Its café time! Children can choose from their own or Nursery provided snacks and drinks.

10.20-11.30am Exploring time and care routines (ongoing).

11.30-12pm Time for some group fun. Story time, singing time or moving to the music in Wake and Shake.

12-12.30pm Lunch time in the Baby Room.

12.30-2pm It’s time for a nap based on our different routines. Quiet time – adults supporting key children in their play.

2pm Afternoon café.

Care routines continue throughout the afternoon. Free play based on our interests.

3pm Goodbye to some of our friends.

3-4pm Exploring our favourite activities, a balance of adult led and self-chosen play. Now it is quieter we can mix with our friends from the Toddler room.

4-4.30pm Its tea-time! Time for a change of environment and over to the hive with all our tea time nursery friends.

4.30-5:30pm (5pm on Fridays) An opportunity to mix with our older and younger friends using other areas of the Nursery and School .