Brookside Academy - inspiring futures...

Education is a lifelong process and we are lucky that we can provide a 0 - 11 provision (including superb Specialist Provision). We want to ensure that the day to day practices at our Academy enable children to reach their full potential. We aim to put pupils are at the heart of the decisions we make and the curriculum we teach.

Inspiring Futures is about teaching a curriculum that meets the needs of the child appropriate to their stage of learning and allows them the skills they need for society. The children leaving our Academy will need life skills and knowledge for today and tomorrow. Therefore, we need a curriculum vision that learns from the past but is also looking to the future. Issues such as local developments, national challenges and global warming need to be taught alongside relationships, history and other enduring themes.

Therefore, our curriculum vision is about developing the skills and knowledge needed to be successful, independent, motivated and ready for the next stages in education and life.

We are committed to a fully inclusive education and we believe that we are better when we develop tolerance and understanding. We have three very simple rules here and they underpin much of our approach to learning...

Be kind

Be safe

Be responsible