Learning at home is an essential part of effective education and gives pupils the opportunity to effectively extend and enrich the learning that takes place within school. Homework also encourages children to become confident and independent in their learning, an essential skill for their progression throughout school and later in adult life.

All children are expected to take part in a variety of homework tasks to enhance, consolidate and support their learning, as well as give them the opportunity to bring their learning alive in contexts beyond the school. At Brookside Academy, we recognise that pupils who have spent a busy structured day at school need time not only to relax and unwind at the end of the afternoon, but also to actively participate in a range of extra-curricular, out-of-school activities to broaden their experiences, such as instrumental tuition, swimming lessons, drama groups, sports clubs etc.

Our homework policy is designed to...

  • Ensure a consistency of approach throughout the school.

  • Ensure progression towards independence and individual responsibility.

  • Ensure parents/carers have a clear understanding about expectations for themselves and the pupils.

  • Extend, enrich, consolidate and support learning.

  • Provide opportunities for parents and pupils to work in partnership and enjoy a range of learning experiences