Year 2!!

Office UserYear 2, Moles, Otters

Firstly, a massive thank you to all of you for coming to our sharing assembly! We were all so proud of the children, how well they read and how excited they were to perform! Amazing!

In Science, we have been excitedly watching our potatoes grow, looking at plants and beginning to look at categorising the food we eat into groups.

We completely loved composing our own pieces upon Chrome Music Lab in Computing this term and we brilliant at appraising others work with both ‘What went well’ and ‘Even better if’.

Our Geography has landed us in Africa this half term, as we have zoomed into Zambia and arrived in a small village called Mugurameno. I wonder if you can tell anyone at home about this village? Can you name something that is different? Or something that is the same?

Yesterday, we were very lucky to have a visitor for PSHE. She taught us all about feelings and even brought her own puppets to meet us!

We would like to wish you all a fantastic half term – remember to look after your Emile and keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine 🙂

See you in June!