Last week in Year 6

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Year 6 faced one of their toughest challenges yet in this week’s DT lesson: how to make a motorised vehicle. Making the chassis and the circuit was the easy part, but putting them together and making it move, proved to be almost too tricky for the Y6. They were not put off however and tinkered and modified over and over until they got their cars to move down the corridor. The next challenge was to make a body and attach it, whilst still having a moving vehicle. There was many a broken elastic band along the way and I think we used a mountain of masking tape as well as a river of glue, but the pleasure on the faces of the children, when their car cruised (well…not quite) down the corridor, was the most rewarding sight to see, this year so far!  Incredible work Y6 – well done; your teacher are extremely proud of you!