Another busy couple of weeks for Year 2!

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In English, we have been learning all about past tense and how to write a paragraph using the past tense. We have continued reading our class book ‘Flat Stanley’ and predicting what would happen next. We are really enjoying Flat Stanley, ask us some questions about him! We then wrote a diary entry, making sure to include all the diary writing features that we have been learning about.

In Maths, we have focused on weight as part of our measurement learning. We have learnt how to read scales, including those with missing numbers, and comparing different weights. We know all about the different units of measurement, including kg and g. We have also been practicing adding and subtracting using formal column method, as well as sharpening up our skills in arithmetic.

We are continuing to work super hard creating our puppets in our Art/DT project. This week we have started to use a material called ‘modroc’ to start shaping and forming our puppet’s heads. They are coming together nicely and we are really enjoying watching them develop and come alive from our original ideas!

Our scientific learning this week has been all based-on life cycles – the life cycle of a frog! We know that they start as tadpoles and live in water, but then the end result is a frog, which looks completely different. We played a game where we had actions for each stage of a frog’s life cycle but we could only progress to the next stage of our development if we won a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’. Alongside this we are beginning to look at growing. We have placed our seeded potatoes on an egg box to begin the ‘chitting process’. Hopefully we will be able to grow our very own potatoes!

 In computing we are gaining more confidence using our new programme J2E to build pictograms. We are excellent data collectors, can confidently enter this into the graph and we can analyse the results to tell you which one has more or less, most or least.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our Forest school sessions, which unfortunately have come to an end for us in Year 2.

Currently, we are thoroughly enjoying ‘Mindful Bubbles’ a video that helps to improve our concentration skills and focus.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter Holidays – make sure you do something fun and hopefully the weather will allow us all to play outside 🙂