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It was Children’s Mental Health week this week. We introduced them to the theme of the week which was ‘My Voice Matters.’ We discussed what this meant. We began to think about what matters the most to us and drew pictures of these things on a swirl. We then thought about wider issues that mattered to us like recycling and littering. We shared our swirls with a partner. Some of us had the same things on them, but no two swirls were exactly the same. We also thought about what we wanted to tell the world using our voice.

We came up with some fantastic messages to the world;

  • Stop littering as it can end up in the sea and hurt the sea animals
  • Stop destroying poor animal’s habitats to build houses
  • Feed the homeless
  • Be kind
  • There is no need to fight
  • Love yourself

In Art, we designed and made Ancient Greek pots. The children researched Greek patterns with the most popular being the Greek Key Design. We then gave them a piece of air-drying clay in a terracotta colour and showed them how to make a pinch pot. They added the bottom of the pot using a scoring/scratching method. Once they were dry, we painted them with black acrylic paint. It was a lot harder to paint the small designs onto the pot using a paintbrush! A pencil drawing was much easier. The children tried their very best and they look amazing.

It was also Safer Internet Day this week. We looked at how technology had changed over the years and designed our own new piece of technology to help solve a problem.