Year 2 News!

Office UserYear 2, Moles, Otters

What a truly great start back to school we have had. 

We absolutely loved our science experiment. We had to predict what would happen when water and oil are added together, when we added food colouring to this and then what would happen when an effervescent tablet was added. Can you remember to tell someone what we created?

Geography, we are investigating the world carefully to find out more about hot and cold places. The hottest places are located closest to the Equator and the coldest places are the furthest away. Next week we progress to look at animals!

In computing, we are investigating instructions and thoroughly loved programming the beebots to move around their mats.

Money has been our focus within maths, adding amounts, recognising coins and shopping for fruit.

We love ‘The Squirrels who squabbled’ and have been looking at new vocabulary and including this within our writing. We have produced some fantastic diary entries, pretending to be Cyril and Bruce for the day.