PHSE in Year 5!

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In PSHE we have focused on teamwork and what makes a great team. We talked about the different types of teams we are a part of and the qualities of great teamwork. We decided a good team respects one another and listens to everyone’s opinions and ideas. We then put our teamwork to the test! In small groups we worked together to see which team could create the tallest tower, made only from 6 sheets of newspaper and masking tape.  

Before we began, we talked about how we could be successful, by collaborating, negotiating and compromising. We collaborated by working together to try and achieve making the tallest tower. We negotiated by discussing how we wanted to use the newspaper to build our tower and came to an agreement altogether. Finally, we compromised by meeting in the middle and settling for a choice everyone was happy with. Here are two of our towers. 

We really enjoyed working as a team to create our newspaper towers and it helped us to understand the importance of good communication and listening skills when being part of a successful team.