Year 2 News!

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Yet another busy week has been had in Year 2. 

We have been thoroughly disgusting whilst creating our very own potions. Listing the ingredients, thinking carefully about how to describe them and how they will enter the cauldron. We ended the week writing our instructions upon scroll paper.

In Maths we have been looking at adding. We have begun to look at the column method, lining up our numbers in the correct columns and always remembering to start with the ones! We must ensure careful counting is always applied to our adding, as this will help us to get a correct answer regularly.

In Computing we have moved on to photographs. We had a wonderful time playing photo bingo and taking digital images upon the iPads. Can you remember the six photographs you needed to take?

We are loving our new History topic. This week we have begun to explore Guy Fawkes; who he was, when he was born and his participation in the Gunpowder Plot. We placed the event upon a timeline, recognising that it was over 400 hundred years ago! Through pictures and images we looked at artefacts, reasoning as to which ones Guy Fawkes would have been able to use and which ones he would not.

On Friday we looked specifically at Remembrance, held our own minutes silence and created some poppies. What a lovely display we created!