Science, Geography & Computing in Orcas

Lily CollinsYear 4, Orcas


In Orcas class we have had an exciting start to our Summer term as we have been learning about lots of interesting new topics.

In Science, we have been learning about electricity and have had lots of fun investigating and creating electrical circuits. We have been finding out more about insulators (materials which do not let electricity flow through) and conductors (materials which do allow electricity to flow through). We then created and tested our own switches to see which materials worked best.

As part of our geography topic for this term, we have been learning about rivers. Practising our map skills, we have been locating rivers and identifying the features of a river. We have also started to look at the different ways in which we use water such as for agriculture and for recreation.

In computing, we have been learning about photo editing. We have learnt about cropping, rotating and flipping. We then put our knowledge to the test by editing a range of photos on the chrome books.