Early Years/EYFS Curriculum


At Brookside Academy we aim to provide motivating first-hand experiences and create a learning environment, which supports and enhances confidence, resilience, curiosity and a lifelong love of learning. Therefore, our curriculum is developed and adapted each year to follow the interests and fascinations of the children in the current year group whilst also building specific knowledge, identified through the areas of learning. We aim to work together with parents and carers to encourage independent, enthusiastic learners who thrive and reach their full potential. It is our intention that children who enter our Early Years begin their learning journey by developing physically, verbally, cognitively and emotionally whilst also embedding a positive attitude to school.


Children learn through a balance of child-initiated and adult-directed activities.  The timetable is carefully planned so that children have directed teaching in English, maths and Phonics every day. During this time, the teacher can systematically check for understanding, identify and respond to misconceptions quickly and provide real-time verbal feedback, which results in a strong impact on the acquisition of new learning. These sessions are followed by group work in a cross – curricular way where children work with a member of staff to develop knowledge in areas covered in the curriculum such as Geography, Art, DT, History, PSED, Music and RE, this enables all aspects of the children’s development in Early Years as well as to promote sustained thinking and active learning. During each day, the children have time to engage in ‘exploration’ throughout the variety of experiences carefully planned to engage and challenge them in the provision. We have an inclusive approach, which enables all children to learn together, but we also carefully plan for small groups of ability where children are given differentiated teaching and learning, which support to enhance and scaffold children who may not be reaching their potential or moving on children who are doing very well.


Our curriculum needs to meet the needs of every child, including our disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND, so we spend time looking at and evaluating how the children are learning.  This is done through talking to children, looking at their work, observing their learning experiences and analysing data and progress. In order to plan learning environments and experiences which ensure progress members of staff use observational assessments. We use this information as well as formative assessment and knowing the children to plan learning experiences and next steps so that knowledge and skills are built cumulatively. The children are also assessed on their phonetic knowledge, which allows us to ensure they are getting appropriate differentiated teaching. Evidence of children’s learning including observations, samples of child initiated and adult directed work, and photographs are kept in ‘WOW Folders’ which each child has and the children can use these to reflect on their progress and adults use them to identify gaps in children’s learning.

Our curriculum and its delivery ensure that children make good progress. During their time in our EYFS, children make rapid progress and we aim to meet or exceed the national expectation for GLD at the end of the year.

We consider our high standards are due to the enriched play-based exploration alongside the assessment and teaching the children have as they move through the early years. We believe the best way to develop happy, curious children who have a love of learning is by providing rich learning experiences and environments where all children can thrive and reach their full potential.

Quotes from Early Years Pupils


I love listening to stories! My favourite is The Smeds and the Smoos.    Theia

I like learning new words in Phonics.  Alfie P


I learnt that metal sinks and sticks float.   Theia

I enjoyed finding out if things float or sink.  Alfie P


My favourite landmark is the Eiffel Tower. I love Paris!     Theia

The statue of Liberty was a gift from France from America.    Alfie P


I like the yellow monster because he is cheerful and happy.     Theia

I like the yellow colour monster because it is how I feel when I play outside.     Alfie P


I like junk modelling because I can make aeroplanes.         Alfie P

I liked designing and making a fruit kebab. It was so yummy!         Theia


I like adding numbers. I can use a part-part-whole, a number line and counters to help me.    Isabelle S

I enjoy Numbersense. It has helped me learn to subitise.         Clementine


I love Art! Sticking tissue paper on Elmer was amazing.        Isabelle S

Using pens to design a pebble was really fun!      Clementine


Bonjour!  We can count to ten in French.       Clementine


When we went to Wookey Hole Caves, we saw a witch who had been turned to stone a long time ago. The monk had put holy water onto her.         Isabelle S


Bertie Owl helped us to learn about The Hindu Festival of Light.       Clementine

I really liked colouring in a Mehndi hand pattern.     Isabelle S

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