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Mrs Donnelly

Welcome to Koalas! 
Year 6 is an exciting year and one where every opportunity should be embraced. Some of the highlights include an adventure-packed week at Okehampton, dressing up as an evacuee from World War II, constructing a motorised vehicle and performing in the end of year production.
By Mrs Rapsey

Mrs Stanning


Core Subjects Overview


Foundation Subjects Overview 


Links to the Curriculum 
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Key Dates

⭐ Thursday 3rd November 2022 - visit to Fleet Air Arm Museum
⭐Thursday 2nd March 2023 - visit to Strode Theatre to watch a production of 'Matilda'
⭐ Thursday 23rd March 2023 - meeting for children and parents about SATs & Okehampton
⭐ Tuesday 9th May ➡ Friday 12th May 2023 - SATs week
⭐ Monday 5th June ➡ Friday 9th June 2023 - Okehampton residential trip
⭐ Wednesday 19th July - Year 6's Leavers' Concert (6pm)
⭐ Friday 21st July - Year 6 Leavers' Assembly


Wednesday afternoons - sport with Mr Ball, Mr Perry & Miss Wicks.
Please bring P.E kit into school.
Friday mornings - sport with the class teacher.
Please wear P.E kit to school and bring school uniform in, to change into.
P.E kit is a red Brookside t-shirt, black shorts, trainers, black joggers/leggings and a sweatshirt/hoodie.


Weekly spellings, reading and maths wiill be sent home on Mondays. 
Homework needs to be completed and returned on the following Monday.
The children will discus and mark their reading homework on Monday and their maths on Tuesday. 
Maths Homework
The maths homework will be based on the week's learning. Children should spend a maximum of 30 minutes on the task. If your child finds the task difficult, please encourage them to speak to the class teacher before the due date, so they can have support. 
Reading Homework
Children should read at least 4 times a week. They will have a weekly reading task to complete; this may either be a task for their reading journal (e.g. writing about a character in their book or doing extreme reading) or a reading comprehension. 

The Koala Parent/Carer