Learning French at Brookside gives pupils an opportunity to explore a world beyond their doorstep. Our children’s horizons are broadened, as they learn French songs and rhymes and delve into the French culture through festivals and traditions. This helps the Brookside child appreciate their place in the wider world and begin to understand the vast global society of which they play a part.

There are many opportunities for the Brookside French student to use their ever-growing vocabulary, as they move around the school during the day and to be able to continue their learning at home. Teachers will encourage children to respond in French at appropriate times of the day, thereby enabling the child to feel at ease with the language and enjoy the interaction in real-time situations, as well as during set lesson times. Furthermore, children who demonstrate a greater aptitude for French, will be given the opportunity to explore language through Latin Club using our links with Millfield School.

Did you know, that learning a foreign language increases the density of ‘grey matter’ in the brain and the number of synapses, that interconnect parts of the brain!


French at Brookside, is not taught by a specialist language teacher, but by a class teacher using a fully, comprehensive scheme compiled by Rising Stars.

Rising Stars French intuitively blends songs with stories, rhymes, vocabulary, grammar, phonics, animation and even fun and challenging quizzes to assess their learning. Children are presented with a wide range of opportunities to perform before an audience – whether it be a partner, a whole class or whole school – which in turn nurtures pupils’ self-esteem and self-confidence. Multi-faceted lessons are taught weekly during Key Stage 2 using the Rising Stars scheme and in Key stage 1, children are exposed to French songs during singing assemblies and through incidental language such as greetings, colours and numbers.

As well as learning French through Rising Stars, teachers are encouraged to use incidental French wherever possible. Children will be taught to answer the register, respond to instructions and greet friends and teachers using a variety of phrases. Additional French songs (using Sparkyard) are introduced and performed during Singing Assemblies and a termly newsletter invites children to respond to the Language Corner and increase their language skills using Duolingo. Language is celebrated further, during French Cultural afternoons, where children will be exposed to a wide range of French activities from food tasting to French Bingo, French Artists and many more!


By the end of their Key Stage 2 journey at Brookside, the children will have a balanced understanding of spoken and written French language and positive foundations will have been laid, for further foreign language teaching at key stage 3. By the end of Key Stage 2, Brookside’s children will have learned to read and understand more complex sentences and short passages and speak with well-developed pronunciation in short conversations with a partner. They will have had opportunities to write short passages and more complex sentences using provided vocabulary and also from memory with increased competency.

Progress and attainment will be measured through regular review and scrutiny of children’s work using Padlet, pupil interviews and observing performance in lessons. French at Brookside will allow children to demonstrate their enthusiasm and interest in discovering a new language and children with excellent language skills will enjoy developing their language skills and knowledge further by taking part in Latin Club using the text Minimus and will benefit from the expertise of the Classics teachers of Millfield School.

Annual Overview


Quotes from pupils

In Year 3, Zach said, “I have learned a lot of new words and I can use them in a different country.”

Leo likes to “Learn new songs in French.”

In Year 4, Naomi likes that they, “Learn about different sports.”

Charlie is pleased that, “I know my numbers to 20 and can count in 10’s to 100!”

In year 5, Alex said, “It’s great to learn languages because if you want to travel the world you can communicate with more people.”

Jack was thrilled because, “When we had our French culture afternoon it was great trying French food and experiencing their culture - the food was really enjoyable!”

Leo thinks that, “French requires a lot of perseverance when practicing our pronunciation.”

In Year 6, Teo thought that, “ It is really interesting to learn what is the same and what is different for children like us in school and in day to day life!”

Lauren likes, “Playing the French board games and card games to help learn more vocabulary.”