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This half term in nursery we have been exploring our garden area lots now that the weather is getting warmer! We have been enjoying the mud kitchen in the garden and have even been doing some gardening. We had lots of plants and pots donated to us from parents and now have started growing some flowers and strawberries and shrubs of our own.

We have been dressing up and learning about people that help us and people in our community too, with lots of doctors role play.

The Royal Wedding was a hit in nursery, we even had our own wedding. We made a cake, wrote invitations, made decorations and then had a wonderful ceremony with all the children followed by a party!


Just a little reminder now that it is summer, please send your children into nursery with sun cream already applied, we will then apply sun cream again at lunch time!



Nursery Songs: Bubble Bubble

Alice The Camel

Hello Everybody


Just a Boy And a Girl

Roly Poly

Sleeping Bunnies

Sound of the Week

Tick Tock