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Healthy Eating Week


The children have enjoyed yet another themed week; healthy eating week. Each day the children took part in exciting themed activities.

Monday: the children enjoyed a fitness workout with Colin Carbohydrate, as carbs give us energy.

Tuesday: the children took part in a weight lifting challenge with Paul Protein, as protein gives us muscles.

Wednesday; the children made fruit smoothies with Vicky Veg and Flora Fruit, as they gives us vitamins and minerals for our body.

Thursday: the children took part in a teeth cleaning activity with Daisy Dairy, as dairy gives us strong bones and teeth.

Friday: this was our 'treat' day with Duncan Doughnut. We were allowed a little bit of fats and sugars at the end of the week to go alongside our balanced diet. 

We made a sugar tally chart, to our scale. Each day, we calculated the sugars in the children's lunch boxes. At the end of the week the children totalled 662 cubes of sugar from their lunch boxes!! (the sugar cube chart was to our scale, not accurate). 


Science week!

Science week has been a blast!!!! Each day there has been a challenge in the morning and an adult led in the afternoon following the theme for that day. The experiments included: 

Inflating balloons with bicarbonate of soda, making ice cream with icing sugar and cream, the egg experiment (placing 1 egg into orange juice, 1 egg into coke, 1 into vinegar and 1 into water) what change happens to the egg?  Placing white carnations into food colouring, does the flower change colour? The diet coke and mentos experiment and the skittles experiment. 

We are looking forward to reviewing the experiments in a couple of weeks.

Nursery Songs: Bubble Bubble

Alice The Camel

Hello Everybody


Just a Boy And a Girl

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Sleeping Bunnies

Sound of the Week

Tick Tock