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This half term has been a very exciting's Christmas! 


We had our nursery and toddler stay and play, which many parents came along to. Some of our activities were Christmas card making, Gruffalo's den building and melted snowman biscuit decorating. 

We have had lots of fun making our families their gifts and decorations for Christmas! 


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and we will see you all back on the week beginning Monday 8th January 2018


Science week!

Science week has been a blast!!!! Each day there has been a challenge in the morning and an adult led in the afternoon following the theme for that day. The experiments included: 

Inflating balloons with bicarbonate of soda, making ice cream with icing sugar and cream, the egg experiment (placing 1 egg into orange juice, 1 egg into coke, 1 into vinegar and 1 into water) what change happens to the egg?  Placing white carnations into food colouring, does the flower change colour? The diet coke and mentos experiment and the skittles experiment. 

We are looking forward to reviewing the experiments in a couple of weeks.

Nursery Songs: Bubble Bubble

Alice The Camel

Hello Everybody


Just a Boy And a Girl

Roly Poly

Sleeping Bunnies

Sound of the Week

Tick Tock