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Spring Term 2017

We  would happy ike to wish you a

This term we will be sending home a friend for you to show your families and if you would like take some photos we will be able to share them with your friends in Nursery.

His name is Billy Bear.

We have indroduced him during hello time and you can see some of the pictures below.

I will share his adventures on here with you and also make a scrap book.





Billy Bear




 This weekend I spent time at Brooks House ,we went to the shops we played on the trampoline I even had a bath.

It was great fun .

We played with Brooks brother & sister in the garden and I even had a snooze.





 This weekend I spent time at Charlotte's house with her family. We had a busy time.

We went to the library ,we played on the the trampoline bouncing!!!

Then a tea

party  and to finish off we had a nice story.

This Weekend Billy bear went home with Eden, They had Breakfast together,went for a ride in the car,shared a
story and a tea

Billy Bear went home with Sebastian & Ioan this weekend.
He went to the park and enjoyed the swings and slide
He also went to Hestercombe House where he went for a walk,saw the ducks and ate cake.
It looks like he had a lovely time,thank you boys. 

Bubble Bubble

Hello Everybody

Roly Poly

Sleeping Bunnies

Tick Tock