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Senior Leadership Team
Mr Brian Walton Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S. Ashford Deputy Head, Deputy Safeguarding Lead 
Mr C. Lane  SENCO, Assistant Head, Deputy Safeguarding Lead 
Mrs S. Cinicola Business Manager, Deputy Safeguarding Lead 
Team Leaders
Mrs M. Gibbons Team Leader for Years 1 and 2, Year 2 Teacher (Otters)
Mrs G. Smith Team Leader for Years 3 and 4, Year 4 Teacher (Dolphins)
Mrs S. Rapsey Team Leader for Years 5 and 6, Year 6 Teacher (Koalas)
Class Teachers
Mrs C. Cross Early Year's Teacher (Giraffes, Elephants and Crocodiles)
Mr S. Taylor

Early Year's Teacher (Penguins, Elephants and Zebras)

Mrs M. Butler Year 1 Teacher (Jaguars)
Miss Z. Leck Year 1 Teacher (Tigers)
Mrs R. Lindsell Year 1 Teacher (Tigers)
Miss R. Morris Year 2 Teacher (Moles)
Mrs M. Gibbons Year 2 Teacher (Otters)
Miss J. Bobbett Year 3 Teacher (Gophers)
Miss C. Stevens Year 3 Teacher (Meerkats)
Mrs G. Smith Year 4 Teacher (Dolphins)
Mrs K. Burleton Year 4 Teacher (Seals)
Mrs J. Whatling Year 5 Teacher (Kangaroos)
Mr J. Sansam Year 5 Teacher (Wallabies)
Mrs J. Moore Year 5 Teacher (Wombats)
Mrs S. Rapsey Year 6 Teacher (Koalas)
Mr A. Kelland Year 6 Teacher (Pandas) 
Miss S. Mullins Specialist Provision Teacher (Hummingbirds)
Mrs D. Durston Specialist Provision Teacher (Kingfishers)
Miss E. Marson Specialist Provision Teacher (Toucans)
Mrs D. Difford Specialist Provision Teacher (Parrots)
Office Staff
Mrs S. Morris Personal Assistant to Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team
Mrs S. Clark Finance Administrator
Mrs J. Travella Academy Administrator
Mrs S. Higgs Nursery Administrator
Miss J. Warrington Business Support Coordinator
Mrs J. Bailey Finance Officer 
Mrs H. Dunford Business Assistant
Mr G. Jones Clerk to Governors
Teaching Assistants


Mrs D. Lovelock Early Years Key Worker
Mrs D. Redman Early Years Key Worker
Mrs J. Clulow Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. Rusu Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Gibbons Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A. Russell Year 1/2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs C. Rampere Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs L. Rayner Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Hackwood
Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant
Miss A. Brown Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant, Breakfast and After School Club Assistant
Mrs L. Donnelly Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Chiffers Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Stanning

Year 5/6 Teaching Assistant

Miss M. Grainger Hummingbirds Teaching Assistant
Miss M. Swaine Hummingbirds Teaching Assistant
Miss L. Bond Hummingbirds Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Hamer Kingfishers Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Linham Kingfishers Teaching Assistant
Mrs N. Burrough Kingfishers Teaching Assistant
Mrs G. Richman Kingfishers Teaching Assistant
Miss L. Binning Kingfishers Teaching Assistant
Miss R. Harris Parrots Teaching Assistant
Miss K. Gould
Parrots Teaching Assistant
Mrs S. Culliford Parrots Teaching Assistant
Miss G. Pavey Parrots Teaching Assistant
Miss C. Lamus Toucans Teaching Assistant
Miss G. Burns Toucans Teaching Assistant
Mrs M. Beha-Burr Toucans Teaching Assistant
Miss H. Toop Toucans Teaching Assistant
Brookside Nursery Staff


Mrs C. Williams Supervisor
Miss S. Lucas Deputy Supervisor
Mrs S. Davey Key Worker
Miss A. Hopkins Key Worker
Miss J. Jackson Key Worker
Mrs S. Napper Key Worker
Miss E. Jewell Key Worker
Mrs C. Williams Key Worker
Miss L. Nurse Key Worker
Miss C. Voisey Key Worker
Miss A. Davis Key Worker
Mrs E. Norris Key Worker
Mrs J. Blair Key Worker

Miss K. Bartlett

Key Worker
Mrs K. Gillingham Key Worker
Support Staff
Mrs C. Samuels Parent Family Support Advisor
Mrs B. White ELSA
Mrs C. Hughes Pupil Wellbeing Officer
Miss R. Lloyd Outdoor Activities Coordinator, Afterschool Club Supervisor, Holiday Activities Play Leader
Miss P. Cross Outdoor Activities Coordinator, Afterschool Club Supervisor, Holiday Activities Play Leader
Mr S. Perry OPAL Assistant, Sports Apprentice, Breakfast and Afterschool Club Assistant
Mrs M. Billet  OPAL Assistant
Mr A. Ball Mini Bus Driver
Catering Staff
Mrs L. Baker Catering Manager 
Mrs M. Seaward Assistant Cook
Mrs M. Storey Catering Assistant
Mrs S. Crofts Catering Assistant
Miss H. Rogerson Catering Assistant
Miss N. Mates Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs K. Stewart Lunchtime Assistant