Viking and Anglo Saxon re-enactment day

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As part of our topic this term on Vikings and Anglo Saxons, we have been creating our own versions of Viking and Anglo Saxon weapons and objects. We each created a shield, weapon, money pouch and coins. Some children also made helmets and jewellery if they had time.

All of our hard work culminated in an afternoon where we dressed up as Vikings and Anglo Saxons and each class created a base camp which was then raided by the other. We learnt about how the Vikings used to attack and the types of resources that they focused on stealing when they began invading Britain during the 800s.

Each tribe came up with their own unique name and elected a king and queen to lead us into battle. Everyone had a fantastic afternoon and we were thoroughly worn out defending and scavenging for precious resources. Unfortunately, some of our weapons and equipment didn’t survive the whole afternoon but we learnt to evaluate how we could improve our DT skills in the future.

Thank you to everyone who provided materials for us to use and thank you to Mr Lane, who shared his knowledge of Viking war tactics. The children (and adults) had a fantastic afternoon and were thoroughly exhausted by the end of it!