Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

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In Science we have been looking at how different plants and animals reproduce. We have learnt about the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction requires two parents and they each share parts of their DNA to create new life, which has attributes of both parents. Whereas, asexual reproduction requires only one adult and they produce a genetically identical clone of themselves. In order to illustrate and explore this we have been looking at how plants can reproduce with both seeds and through cuttings.

We found that when seeds were exposed to the right conditions, we could easily grow new plants from them. Each child grew their own pot of cress.

We also took cuttings from a plant in the Begoniacea family and placed them into water in order to observe whether or not the stems would create new roots. We have found that some of our cuttings have begun to sprout roots; however, some have not. This taught us that it is easier to grow from seeds as their needs are easier to meet but that it is possible to grow certain plants in both ways.

In our final term, we are looking at the human life cycle (including changes during puberty). We have also obtained some caterpillars and are making scientific observations on them as they grow and progress through their life cycle turning into butterflies.