Koalas Update

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The children have been very busy again this week learning new songs – I expect some of you are hearing some little outbursts at home as the children try and learn them! Please encourage them to sing to you as every little practise helps! They can be seen as a year group with the Millfield staff, expressing their rights for freedom and have been invited to join the Millfield choir, Bath Camerata and pupils from Elmhurst and Crispin to perform in a concert on June 12th at Millfield (letters to follow).In other pictures, the children made a giant infographic about Mayan religious traditions and beliefs and they were – rightly so – very proud of their efforts. They worked harmoniously as a group, dividing up the tasks according to their skills and created the most colourful and artistic infographics that have ever been seen with this task! They then spoke in front of their peers to tell the other groups about their research – a good day’s work year 6!