Year 2 Update

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We have all made an absolutely fabulous start to the Term, showing fantastic enthusiasm and amazing learning behaviours for all activities encountered. It was brilliant to begin our new topic of World’s Firsts, where we are exploring and stretching our understanding of History. It was interesting to share our existing knowledge of historical facts. We examined a selection of inventions and compared them to the modern day article. Perhaps you could discuss some of the items below, which we investigated in class.

‘The Squirrels who Squabbled’ is the book we are currently looking at in English. Bruce and Cyril the squirrel have produced some fantastic writing and guided reading activities. We even had the opportunity to draw Cyril, as we followed instructions from Jim Field – illustrator for the book. We have worked very hard in maths to solve a variety of multiplication and division word problems.

In PSHE we discussed ways in which we can remain healthy and music was fun as we increased our knowledge of pulse.