Goodnight Mr Tom Review

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Review of Goodnight Mister Tom
Written by Zach, Luke, Nyah, Lily and Jack
Goodnight Mister Tom is a book about an evacuee in World War II called Willie Beech.
Willie is a young boy who is treated very badly by his mother. Willie got evacuated to the countryside in a village called Little Weirwold with a man called Tom Oakley. With the help of Tom and his friends, Willie settles in and becomes more confident. This book is emotional, but it is also happy at the same time.
Here is what some of us thought:
Ethan said, “It is such a good book, very inspirational.”
Florence said, “It is sad and dramatic.”
Gabriel said, “This book is good. I really enjoyed the suspense in it.”
Poppy said, “It was a very heart-warming book. It tells a very good story about friendship and love.”
Phoebe said, “I found it sad, but it was funny and happy.”
Nora said, “I found this book deep focused and you get sucked into it easily.”
Robyn said, “It is one of my most favourite books that I have read.”
One pupil said, “I would definitely recommend it.”
Lily said, “I thought it was rather sad at the end.”