Football Team

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Brookside Academy Football Club 

By Luke, Zach, Callum, Frankie and Ethan 

Mr Ball and Mr Perry have selected a variety of Year Fives and Sixes to represent Brookside by playing football in a league. We have been split into two teams; one being coached by Mr Ball and the other by Mr Perry. Both teams were playing at Strode Astro Turf and one team won 9 – 1 and the other team drew 2 – 2 both in the first game.  

We train on Tuesdays but when we have a game, we don’t have time to train, and we have matches then instead. We train on the Brookside School field from 3 o’clock to half past 4 and in matches it is from half past 3 to half past 4. The coaches push us hard as our abilities go and they play us fairly and are really encouraging. 

We will post a match review after our next game, so watch this space.