Year 5 Heritage Walk

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As part of our topic ‘Small Town, Big History’, Year 5 have been exploring the impact that the Clarks family have had on the development of Street. With the support of the Alfred Gillet Trust, we went on a heritage walk around Street and spoke about the different buildings that were built by the Clarks family.
We started at Hindhayes school, which was founded by Roger and Sarah Clark, and then continued onto Hindhayes House where members of the Clark family still live.
After that, we learnt about how the old Library, Greenbanks Pool and Crispin Hall were all built to benefit the people of Street and that The Bear Inn was originally a tearoom because the Clarks family supported temperance.
Opposite The Bear Inn, we looked at the Clark’s HQ Building and spoke about the origins of C&J Clarks. We then moved onto the Quaker House, and we will be learning about how their beliefs affected their actions in the coming weeks.
Finally, we visited Elmhurst school, whose main building was once a family home of the Clarks and then we moved onto Millfield House where we had lunch and learnt about some of the visitors who have visited Millfield House across the years.