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Year 6 - Pandas & Koalas

Pandas & Koalas

Teachers: Miss A Clear and Mrs G Smith



This term in maths Year 6 are covering objectives linked to geometry, statistics and ratio.  Within these themes, we learn both the skills and how to apply these to real life problems. 

In addition, in preparation for our up and coming SATs we will be revisiting skills, revising topics and applying skills to a variety of problems both real life and mathematical.

This term we are also revisiting mental maths strategies and how we can develop these to become more confident mathmaticians.



Within English lessons this term we are developing a variety of skills to improve our writing using, 'The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane' as a focus.  The children will use the development of plots, characters and moods throughout the novel and develop skills in their own writing.

We recognise the increasing national focus on the understanding of grammar and spellings, in order to support children, these sessions are taught both in isolation and as part of the main English sessions.  Lessons are structured to ensure children have time to plan, write and reflect on their own and each others learning.

In addition guided reading is taught at least 4 times a week. These sessions include whole class teaching, small group work, independent activities and the opportunity to read for pleasure.



This term our topic is Survival Skills.  As part of this topic children will learn about many aspects of survival including both practical skills and links to science such as adaptation and evolution.

In addition we will follow children's interest as they emerge throughout the topic.

We welcome any family experts who may wish to come in and share their knowledge of survival and skills that are required as part of our class discussions.



This term our science will be interlinked with our topic work where we will be learning about inheritance and evolution.

Enjoying Opal

Still image for this video

Year 6 enjoying Opal

Year 5 and 6 dressed up for their Christmas performances. Thank you for joining us.

Important information

  • Sport - Thursday
  • Spelling test - Monday
  • Koala Sharing Assembly Tuesday 18th October
  • Panda Sharing Assembly Tuesday 17th January