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Year 5 - Kangaroos & Wallabies

Kangaroos and Wallabies

Teachers: Miss S Rapsey & Miss R Horler


This term we are starting our new topic of the Vikings. Alongside this, we are investigating materials in Science. Then during the second half of the term, we will be investigating 'Shoes' during our whole school topic! 


During the last few weeks we have been looking at 'The Watertower' by Gary Crew. We have been inspired by the mysterious story and will be looking at creating our own versions of the story. Our focus skills include using commas, dashes and brackets for parenthesis (extra information), using semicolons instead of conjunctions and using adverbials for cohesion. In Guided Reading we are continuing to develop our comprehension skills!



We have also been learning key skills such as spelling words with silent letters and understanding homophones.

Here are some links to help you at home:




During the last few weeks we have been looking at shape.

We have been investigating the properties of 2D shapes and identifying the 3D version of shapes. The work is challenging but the children are making fantastic progress.

If you need any support with this, please ask your class teacher.


We have also been looking at key mathematical vocabulary such as: factors, multiples, prime numbers, square numbers, square roots, cube numbers and cube roots!


Here are some links to help you at home:


Prime Numbers:


Factors and Multiples:


Times Tables and Square Numbers:


Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000:


Please continue to learn times tables and the related division facts at home; it has a great impact on the children!




We recently had Mr and Mrs Bright (with the help of Imogen - Year 4) visit us to teach us all about Ball Pythons. Thank you so much for teaching us all about this wonderful creature!

In science we have been studying materials. We have been investigating their properties along with how to change materials (i.e. dissolving or separating materials)

In our topic, we have been studying Tudor art and as a result, we have produced some beautiful pencil drawings.

Note about homework: 

We send weekly spellings and times tables home by Wednesday. These, along with reading records, should be returned on a Monday.