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Year 2 - Otters & Moles

A massive well done to Moles today for a fantastic sharing assembly!


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and carers for coming to support!

Mole's Sharing Assembly

A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed towards costumes for today!

The children look AMAZING!!!

World Book Day

Otters Sharing Assembly

A massive well done to all the children in Otters for their sharing assembly today! You were fantastic - well spoken, beautifully sung and so organised!

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Throughout this half term we will be investigating the wonderful world of puppets through the exploration of fairy tales. Our afternoon topic sessions will be packed with practical activities that will culminate in the production of our very own wooden spoon puppet. The children are beaming with excitement and enthusiasm as we have started to model our newspaper heads and cover with layers (and layers and layers and layers) of masking tape. The head will then be coated with modroc - which bares an uncanny resemblance to plaster of Paris. Once dried and set like concrete we will be able to embellish the head with paint. 

We have already demonstrated superb technical abilities as we practised the running stitch needed to  sew the puppet clothes. DT skills are of the essence throughout this whole puppet making process. 


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We will also become scientists as we perform an exploration of everyday materials, understanding and recognising their uses, benefits and capabilities.


Throughout English we will continue to enrich our vocabulary and stretch our imaginations, as we delve into fairy tales. 


Maths will be a calculated mixture of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, shape and possibly some data handling.


We will be busy, focused but most importantly very happy within Year Two.




'Hey Ewe'


A massive well done to each and every one of the year 1s and 2s for their performances. You were all fantastic!


Thank you to everyone who came to support them.

'Hey Ewe' - Porcupines

'Hey Ewe' - Moles

'Hey Ewe' - Otters

Well done Porcupines! A fantastic sharing assembly.

You were ALL amazing!


No pressure Otters and Moles! surprise


We have many super exciting learning opportunities to look forward to this half term.


Witches will be our focus to start the term, where will be continuing to develop our superb writing skills.


Adding and Subtracting are our main focuses looking at a variety of ways and methods we can use to help us calculate the answers we require.



This half term we will be looking specifically at

'The Great Fire of London'.

This topic will include gaining an understanding of history, creating timelines, researching for information about the event and looking specifically at key people from this event.


After our first visit to this topic today the children are super excited to find out more and understand what actually happened at this point in time.


We even have a special visit to look forward to!



NB: Sport will continue to be on a Monday morning.

Please continue to read with your child at home; anything they read can be written in their home reading logs. These will be checked every Friday and rewarded appropriately.

Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday. Please return blue homework folders and spelling books on a Monday morning.

Throughout Year Two we will continue to work on our x2, x5, x10 and be looking at learning our x3.


We thank you for your continued support in these areas.

Year Two Rocks!


What an absolutely awesome start to the Autumn Term, filled with enthusiasm, excitement and motivation. Over the opening two weeks all children have been fantastically focused and super keen to learn.

Already, they are proving to be a brilliant  year group.



Image result for hungry caterpillar

Wonder if you can guess from the image featured above our focus book over the last two weeks. Why yes, of course it is The Hungry Caterpillar - chomping, munching, chewing and gobbling his way through a variety of delicious foods. 

We have fastidiously concentrated upon vocabulary throughout our lessons and thought carefully over our extended noun phrases, verbs and adverbs. Why not talk to someone at home about your wonderfully detailed descriptive sentences. All of our efforts culminated in a rewrite of the original Eric Carle story. Perhaps you could explain to someone at home whether the following words are verbs, adverbs, adjectives or nouns. Perhaps you could even use some of the words to create a fantastic sentence.


sausage       caterpillar       wiggling       moon       leaf       butterfly       beautiful       tumbling       sparkly       melon       banana       energetically       popped       sliding       quickly       quietly       hatched        apple



It has all been initiated with an excitingly extraordinary exploration of number and place value.

We have been looking specifically at Tens and Ones, recognising the place value within any given 2-digit number.  We are hoping to rapidly progress onto partitioning 2-digit numbers.

There has also been a focus upon multiplication  and skip counting - so any help and practise of the x2, x5 or x10 tables that can be completed at home would  be greatly appreciated.



Mini-beasts is the opening topic of the year revolving around a variety of science based activities. Throughout this topic we also indulge our artistic and design abilities as we explore Henri Matisse and Eric Carle images.  Perhaps at home you could investigate a mini-beast of choice.


Physical Education

This subject is always on a Monday and we will need to ensure that the Brookside red t-shirt, black shorts, jogging bottoms and trainers are at school on this day. When the weather becomes colder please ensure extra garments of clothing are provided. The more the better.

Ear-rings should not be worn to school when we have sport. If the ear-rings can not be removed then tape must be provided to cover.



We would encourage all children to read on a daily basis whether this is sharing their book with an someone at home or reading quietly to themselves. Any and every opportunity for a child to read aloud is vital at improving levels of fluency, expression and intonation. If you are able to question your child about what they have read this is fantastic, as it enhances understanding and comprehension.



All children have received a Common Exception Word list that we will be working upon at school over the course of the year. Any help from home on learning these would be greatly appreciated.

From Wednesday 21st September spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday, ready to be tested the following Monday. The homework diary can be used to practise the spellings. Please encourage your child not just to learn the spelling but also the meaning of the word and then apply within a sentence.