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Specialist Provision - Kingfishers, Toucans, Hummingbirds, Parrots & Woodpeckers




Hello everybody, 

We had a successful first half term, with children settling into new routines and new classes. Classdojo is proving to be very successful with sharing photo's from the school day with you all.


Swimming and Forest School will continue this term.

Swimming  Forest School 



We will continue to have Sport provided by TLE coaches (Mr Ennis) 

Monday Afternoon (1:30-3:10) Tuesday Morning (9:30-10:30  Wednesday Morning (9:30-10:30)
Woodpeckers Parrots Kingfishers, Hummingbirds and Toucan (when not at Forest School 


Topics for this year  will be: 

Autumn A - Superheroes 

Autumn B - Winter wonderland 

Spring A - In the jungle 

Spring B - On the farm 

Summer A- Come Fly with me

Summer B - Whole School topic (yet to be confirmed) 


Communication with home and school 

This year will be using ClassDojo to communicate with parents/carers. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to see wow moments as they happen at school. We will be able to send photos home to you more frequently and be able to inform you if Swimming/ Forest School has been cancelled or to remember kits. You will be able to message the teaching teams directly from the website or app as well as being able to see the whole class story. You will receive a password to set up your accounts (this will take less than 5 minutes) in due course. Please look at the ClassDojo FAQ's for parents from the following link. 




Kingfisher News


Topic overview for Kingfishers and Toucans 


Winter Wonderland

Woodpecker News 

Woodpecker topic  overview 

Parrot's Superhero Topic. 



· Describing superhero characters

· Elliot the Midnight Superhero

· Tracing lines, shapes and patterns

· Copying lines, shapes and patterns

· Forming letters correctly.

· Write in a list

· Use ‘and’ and ‘but’

· Spelling the days of the week


· Exploring heavy and light items.

· Identifying heavy and light items.

· Finding items heavier than and lighter than

· Responding to same and different / not the same

· Identify hot and cold items

· Finding one less than a number

· Sequence and discussing daily events



· Creating our own superhero masks

· Creating our own superheroes

· Everyday superheroes – emergency services

· Preparing, cooking and tasting our superhero fruit and vegetables



· Matching and Sorting materials

· Identifying materials and their properties

· Exploring material changes

· Making predictions

· Recording findings

Hummingbirds Topic Overview



· Choice making through Eye Gaze technology, symbols, pictures, switches, signing and PECs.

· Expressing our opinions through the use of symbols.

· Individual targets set by Speech and Language therapists.

· Weekly sessions with our school based Speech and Language therapist.


Arts and Crafts

· Making superhero badges and logos through potato printing.

· Painted vegetable printing and rolling to explore making different marks.

· Bubble wrap painting and printing to make different fruit and vegetable pictures.



· Supertato sensory story.

· Sorting and identify fruits and vegetable by colour and shape.

· Tasting different fruits and vegetables, and expressing our likes and dislikes through Eye Gaze technology, symbols, switches and signing.


Sensory and Enrichment

· Each week we will be exploring a new texture as part of our weekly superhero sensory tray e.g. hulk slime, Spiderman’s web and the escape of the evil peas from our Supertato story.

· TAC PAC therapy.

· Sensory room sessions.

· Hydrotherapy and swimming.

· Forest school.

Supertato Sensory Story....Beware of the Escapees!!