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School council biographies!

18th March 2016

Mrs Ashford  and Miss Gover reported back the results of the children`s and parent`s E Safety surveys. The main points fed back from the children`s survey were;

  • KS2 children used the internet everyday.
  • Gaming and you tube were the most common activities
  • Children play games with people they don` know on line
  • There are a number of KS2 children playing games which are age restricted
  • 12 children stated they were using Facebook which has an age restriction of 13 years old.
  • Most children reported they had a special on line security password

The parents survey showed clearly that they recognised the positive use of ICT but did  want children to become too reliant on it, real books, imagination and creativity were just as important to them. An interesting point was that;

  • 22% did not filter the internet for their children with a further 10% saying adult monitoring was enough of a security measure.

The School Council brainstormed what they thought the positive uses of `gaming` `social media` were as well as the positive reasons for having adequate security measures. They then listed their concerns about these three areas. Positive comments were that the children could play games on their own or with friends, they are a wide range of games for all ages, it passes the time and releases feelings and you can enjoy time spent with family and friends, their concerns were that it can become addictive, people play for too long, it is not good for your brain and some games have bad language in them. For social media they saw the positive as, you can warn people quickly about hazardous problems, you can share news quickly, you can contact people anywhere in the world, if you lose something people can help you find it. The concerns were around people tracking you down by locating you on your phone, you can get hacked, on line bullying, people you don`t know can start conversations with you. The children were confident that the use of safe search and other security measures put in place by their parents kept them safe. They felt their older siblings helped support them as well. They stated that children should respect the safety rules given to them. The concerns were staying safe against viruses, parents should keep checking children`s browsing history to ensure they safe and are not watching inappropriate material.


The School Council discussed how they can best get these messages out to children, parents and the wider community. Miss Gover showed them the work Ashton and the rest of the Orcas have been doing, they have been producing E Safety leaflets to publish for children and parents. The school council thought these were a good idea, they also thought producing an E Safety I Movie and/ or animation would be an engaging way to get their messages out. They planned some of the items they wanted to put in these movies and the next meeting will be an afternoon where they can work together to produce these items.


The meeting closed at 2pm.

29th JANUARY 2016

Mrs Ashford introduced the OPAL play project (Outdoor Play and Learning). Key Stage assemblies will follow to enable all children to find out more! Over the next 18 months we will be working with the OPAL team in order to develop our grounds, resources and play provision. Staff, children and parents will all be involved in shaping the future of play across the school!

We fed back the ideas from our class visits.

  • Can we change the MUGA so that we are not just playing football matches but practising football skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving?
  • Can we make the rules more interesting?  For example everyone has to have a turn in goal, you only win a game if everyone has scored a goal, you can only score a goal if everyone on your team has touched the ball.
  • Can the play leaders lead games on the playground for all children?
  • How can we make wet playtimes more purposeful, what equipment can we use indoors?
  • Can we adapt the ground to have seasonal areas? Igloos, huts or wigwams?

Mrs Ashford will take these ideas back to the OPAL team and ask them to meet with the School Council as the project develops.

The school council discussed E safety Week and the activities they had completed over the week. They were surprised by the range of issues they had thought about and think there is more work to be done to ensure school, parents and children are working together to understand how to stay safe online. 

  • Ashton will work with Miss Gover to develop an E Safety leaflet to go home to parents to share what we have learnt in E-Safety Week, further resources to support parents and a quiz to help families learn more about E-safety issues!

Meeting closed 1.30pm

4th DECEMBER 2015

At this meeting the school council were preparing their stalls for the Christmas Fair.

Meeting postponed until January 2016.

13th NOVEMBER 2015

At today`s meeting we continued the theme of looking at the value of play across the school. We worked together and looked at Play England`s "Charter for Children`s Play". We decided that it is so important for all our children to have access to varied play opportunities both inside and outside. It keeps us healthy and active, it is fun, it helps us build friendships, improves our imagination and creativity and should allow us to encounter boundaries and take risks.

We discussed the positive parts of our own play times provision and looked for areas we could improve.

  • The children enjoy using the MUGA every day, the climbing wall is used by lots of children at play and lunch time
  • The timetable for using the play equipment works well, everyone gets a turn throughout the week at play and lunchtime.
  • Different zones with different equipment and activities would help alleviate the busy feel to some parts of the playground.
  • Would it be possible to have a quiet, chilled out area where children could sit and relax and enjoy chatting with their friends?
  • The MUGA could be used for different games, switch between football, basketball, ball skills or handball.
  • Could we use the field more of the time? 
  • Would it be a good idea to have shelters to keep us dry in the winter and cool in the summer?
  • Can we use the wooden trim trail more often or add more to it, can it have a different surface under it so we can use it when wet?
  • Can we use the forest school area every day, it would be exciting to have a den building area!
  • Could we have picnic table areas so we can have our lunch outside more often?

Mrs Ashford asked the school council to go to their classes to collect ideas and opinions on play and lunchtimes, how can we make the outdoor environment more exciting for children and staff at break times? The council will bring back their ideas at the next meeting.

Meeting closed at 2.15pm

16th OCTOBER 2015

At the first school council meeting we introduced ourselves. We told the council who we are, which class we are in and what our interests are. We have clear ideas how we want to support the school and the children through our role as school council member.

See our school council biographies for more details!

  • At this meeting we started to review E safety across the Academy. We looked carefully at a Key Stage One and Two questionnaire, making the questions more relevant and useful, and prepared them ready to go to classes for them to complete.
  • We will review the outcomes in a later meeting.
  • We talked about National Anti Bullying Week which is 16th-20th November 2015, there will be Key Stage Assemblies next week around this theme. We visited classes to share this date and let the class teachers know that there are resources available to support activities in class.
  • The school council reported that the new playground buddies have settled into their roles well, they have a timetable of who is on duty and which area or age group they are supporting. They are supporting the younger children with playground games.

The meeting closed at 2pm