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Week beginning 6th November


The Lions and Snakes have had another fun and busy week. We have introduced a tidy up song - Mission Impossible! We love it and get moving as soon as we hear it, getting nursery tidy by the time it ends! 


Some of us have been learning about weighing, finding things around nursery to weigh and seeing which are heaviest. We have been enjoying lots of mark-making activities, including writing letters and putting them in envelopes. We have had fun with textures  and have come up with lots of super language to describe how things feel - like squishy, slimy pasta! 


Outside we had fun one day throwing the leaves around, and at each other! Our sound of the week is 'p' so we did lots of pulling activities in the garden. Some of us wanted to see what would happen if we pulled the tree and we found it was so strong that it didn't even wobble. Another day some of us went to the allotment and had a lovely time looking at what was growing. 


We have been dancing with the scarves again, making beautiful big movements in the air with them. Also we have been relaxing by doing 'feather massage' on each other's faces. It feels lovely on our skin. We had fun on Friday doing an experiment. We found that when we put a balloon over a lemonade bottle, mixed with some bicarbonate of soda, the balloon inflated, we were amazed!


In their independent play lots of children like to role-play doctors. They do a wonderful job of looking after each other as patients and making them better.  

Week beginning 30th October 


Welcome back to Nursery! We hope you all had a lovely break. This week we have had a special maths focus so there's been lots of fun number, shape and measuring related activities. We started the week with a number hunt in the back garden and a shape hunt in the front  garden. The children spotted shapes everywhere - square concrete tiles, a triangle shaped alarm, rectangle shaped panels on the fences, circle shaped tyres and lots more! 


On Halloween the children had a wonderful time mixing up potions in the garden. We introduced recipes and started to follow them - 3 spoons of this, a sprinkle of that... The next day some of us continued the potion making, mixing them up and writing labels for them. The next day we used our number recognition and counting skills to make spiders with different numbers of legs.


Out in the garden we had an obstacle course with lots of things to go under, round, on and through. As each child jumped on the trampoline we helped count the number of jumps. Later on our superhero shape characters helped some of us in a bean bag throwing challenge. Each time we managed to land a bean bag on one of them we put a line next to our name. We are getting very good at this!


We have also started to take a few minutes in the day to be still and quiet, lying on the floor listening to calm music. It has been so lovely to see how the children respond to this and we look forward to continuing it and trying other short mindfulness and relaxation exercises.


We ended the week by measuring out ingredients to make biscuits using pulp from an huge butternut squash, very kindly donated by one of our families. Nursery smelt delicious as they were baking in the oven, they tasted delicious too!

Wow, this half term seems to have flown by! Snakes and Lions have been busy learning through play and exploration in all sorts of ways. We had a garage in our role play area so we booked in cars and thought about why they needed fixing. We painted our own car and had a fun creative time transforming a big cardboard box into our own garage.


We read We're Going on a Bear Hunt then had our own sensory bear hunts out in the gardens. We made bear dens and checked to see if a bear was in there!


We've been very creative - cutting, sticking, making cakes with playdough and pictures with paint, chalks and felt-tips. We have been building towers of bricks and watching them fall, hunting for bugs, mixing up wonderful potions and collecting things we find.


Some of us took a trip in the bus to the library to choose some new books and to join in with Rhyme Time. We loved being out and about and we noticed lots of things around us. We've done some exciting experiments like mixing bicarb with vinegar and watching it explode like a volcano!


A big thank you to all parents, children and staff for helping to make this a lovely start to the year. Happy half term!

Snakes and Lions have been having a busy time since the start of the new term! As we have been reading The Three Billy Goats Gruff we created our own scene from the story in the garden. We trip trapped over the bridge and role played being the characters. We have been enjoying shouting, "Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?!"

Our bridge from The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Our bridge from The Three Billy Goats Gruff 1
Our bridge from The Three Billy Goats Gruff 2
We've been thoroughly enjoying playing in our back garden - sweeping up autumn leaves, mixing potions, playing with the balls and all sorts more. 

In our garden

We love our morning wake and shake. Sometimes we dance,  sometimes we do yoga, and on Friday we moved to music with colourful scarves!

Wake and Shake

Wake and Shake 1