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Crispin Nursery contact details

Crispin Nursery is part of Brookside Academy, providing care for 0-5 year olds from 8am to 6pm term time only.


Crispin Nursery is based within the grounds of Crispin School, you access the Nursery from Strode Road, Street. When visiting Crispin Nursery, however short your intended visit, please ensure you park safely and legally, taking care not to obstruct residents' access.. Please do not park on the yellow lines on Strode Road.


Contact number is: 01458 440980


Please phone the number above for direct contact with Crispin Nursery such as child absence.

If you would like more information on nursery places at Crispin Nursery please contact the Academy on 01458 443340

Nursery Information Prospectus

Welcome to Crispin Nursery.


Our team this year are 


Sandra - Lions


Joanne - Snakes


Jasmine and Lis -Babyroom

A few reminders:


Please bring spare clothes in a named bag that can be left on the group pegs in the cloakroom. Named drink bottles can be brought into nursery but we do provide milk and water throughout the day. Please limit squash/juice to lunchboxes.


Please name items of clothing such as coats, hats and gloves as these get easily lost!


Named wellies can be left at Nursery in our welly box.




Nursery & Extended Schools Fee