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House System

House scores as at 18/07 2017

Lytes Cary - 489

Barrington - 517

Stourhead - 590

Montecute -605

Brookside has FOUR houses.


Barrington  (BLUE)

House captains - Lottie Gilby & Jake Wilding

Vice Captains -  Taylor Neal & Jemima Winsor

Lytes Cary (YELLOW)

House captains - Will Higgs & Erin Gibbons

Vice Captains - Sam Trotman & Logan Murphy

Montacute (WHITE)

House captains - Amelia Lavis & Stanley Chant

Vice captains - Teri Hamer & Imogen Lowndes- Northcott

Stourhead (GREEN)

House Captains - Macey Cox & Daisy Hasell

Vice captains - Hugh McLennan & Ashton Day


Children are put into houses upon entry to the school and are told which house they are in.  If you are unsure about which house your child is in, please speak to their Class Teacher who will be happy to let you know.


Every week children can earn points for their House. They do this through gaining work and conduct merits. Every Friday there is a Celebration Assembly and the House Points are revealed. Gold Coins are given out for the scores (Highest get 4, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and 1 point for the lowest score) and at the end of the year these are put together to see which House wins the HOUSE SHIELD.


Every Thursday there is a House Meeting where the Children come together to share their successes and reflect on any issues or problems.


The Current Holders are: Barrington