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Early Years - Giraffes, Crocodiles, Lions and Penguins, Elephants, Zebras


Outdoor Play and Learning


Our shared Nursery and EY outdoor area is now an OPAL area.

We are collecting junk materials for the children to use within their play!


If you have any donations please bring them in for the children to enjoy.

Examples:- Old dressing up, old suitcases, guttering, tyres, pallets, logs, insulation tubing or anything else that could be used by children to play and explore with



Giraffes, Penguins, Zebras, Crocodiles, Lions and Elephants

Teachers: Mrs K Gibson and Miss S Berry

Key Workers: Mrs H Criddle, Mrs M Hucker, Mrs D Lovelock and Mrs D Redman 

Autumn Term A


Please could all children have warm kit in their PE bags - any joggers and jumper are fine. Thank you. 


We have had a busy week in Early Years, learning the new routines and exploring our environment. We are very impressed with how well the children have settled into school. They are already learning and building new relationships. 


Your children may be coming home talking about lots of things we have been doing in school, so we thought we'd share some information with you.

Bug Club is the phonics scheme that we use at Brookside Academy. This supports us in learning to read and write. This week we've enjoyed listening to the story 'Pete the Cat rocking in his school shoes'. Each morning we engage in a Funky Fingers sessions to support us with our writing grip. Exploring time is an opportunity for us to explore the provision and environment, learning through play. 

We have our lunch in the main school hall and then play in our extensive outdoor environment. When your children say they have been playing with foam swords, in dens and up tress - it's true!



Could children please have wellies and coats in school so that we can make the most of the outdoor environment whatever the weather.

Could all PE bags be brought into school with named kit. PE is on a Wednesday morning.


We will soon be having a phonics workshop where you can learn how to help your child learn to read at home. We hope you can join us on Wednesday 27th September for this. A letter will be coming home.



Thank you for your support



The Early Years Team




We are aware that you all would like to support your child as much as possible at home.

We use 'Bug Club' which is a systematic phonics scheme to teach reading in school.

During 'Bug Club' we learn new sounds that we blend together to read words.

Soon your child will be able to read a selection of words in order to read sentences.


We learn sounds in a specific order. Once we have learnt a group of sounds we apply them to  selection of words.

Some words are not decodable- this means you cannot use phonics to sound them out.

We learn to sight read these words.


In Early Years we will learn:

s     a    t     p     i     n    m     d



g    o    c     k     ck     e    u     r

and    to  the  no go



h    b    f   ff   l    ll    ss    j    v  w    x

I     into    me     be 



y   z     zz   qu    ch    sh  th  ng

he     my    by    they  she



ai     ee    igh     oa    oo     oo      ar    or    ur     ow      oi    

we   are   you 



ear      air      ure      er   

all     was      said     have     like      so      do     come     were    there       little     one      what