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Autumn A

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WOW moments - we are busy looking for WOW moments in nursery! One of our nursery children now likes apples and grapes -WOW. I am sure you lots of WOW moments at home so we have put some WOW sheets in the cloakroom so that you can write one too. We will share them with your child in their key group.


Labelling Belongings - please label bags, jackets and lunch boxes. 


Letters - please look out for a letter inviting you to parents evening. Baby parents evening will be Monday 20th October, Toddler parents evening will be Wednesday 22nd and Nursery parents evening will be Thursday 23rd. We look forward to sharing some time with you to talk about your child.


Your Pets

Over the next few weeks we would like to change our role play into a vets and make a display board about pets! Please bring in a photo of pets you have at home.



This week the Nursery have been:

Finding treasure in the garden! The giant is coming and wants his treasure back so the children went on a hunt with their bags to find the treasure and be as quick as they can! We found lots!!

The children had a large roll of paper on the floor, put their wellies on, dipped them in green and brown paint, and stamped up and down the paper like the giant saying "Fee Fi Fo Fum!! I smell the blood of an english man"


The toddlers have been:

Looking in different size boxes to see where the toys have been hiding. The children found them and then hid more toys in all the boxes and told other children to try and find them.

We went for a walk along the allotments to find different fruit and vegetables growing. We found an apple tree at the bottom of the allotments and there was lots of apples on the floor!

We also went blackberry picking and made marks on the paper by squeezing the blackberries onto the paper! The white paper turned purple!!


We have also been exploring the water slide, outside putting glitter water and objects down the slide to see how fast they can go!

We had our cafe out on our walk and went to the park. After playing in the park we had the story 'Repunzel' before we went back to nusery.

The children enjoyed playing on the big school field, they were all trying to chase each other and ran as fast as they could!